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Partnership with Parents

Butterfield pre-school actively welcomes parental involvement in the setting.  We recognise parents are the primary carers of their children and therefore welcome parent’s comments and opinions about their children.  The pre-school intends to work with parents and carers supporting, encouraging and reinforcing best practice for all parties.

We will provide parents with feedback about their child’s progress giving examples of achievement and behaviour.
We have an open door policy to welcome parents/carers to spend time with their child’s key person or discuss anything with the manager.
Copies of the pre-schools policies and procedures will be available for parents/ carers to view.
All staff are aware of the importance of parental involvement.
The pre-school will listen to parent/carers comments and opinions about their child’s progress.
All parent and voluntary helpers are to undergo a CRB check.
All staff are to make parents aware that they are welcome to stay with their child for as long as necessary to settle them into the pre-school.
Parents are to be made to feel welcome at all times.
Parents are encouraged to give ideas on current topics and fundraising for the pre-school.
Parents are able to view any information held on their child.
The pre-school will ensure times, places and information about meetings, events; activities and experiences are available to all our parents and carers.

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