Our Aims and Objectives

It is the objective of Butterfield Pre-School to provide high quality care and education for every child in our care.

We aim to provide a friendly, clean, healthy, comfortable and safe environment which the children will find stimulating and challenging, and where enjoyment, fun and achievement are linked with discovery, imagination and learning. All the staff are sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of each child and their family, helping all to make a positive contribution to your child’s development and future.

To meet the above aims we are committed to:

  • Delivering a high standard of service to develop and improve each child’s quality of life and helping parents/carers to manage their work/home life.

  • Respecting each child as an individual taking in to account their own interests and needs.

  • Ensuring that our staff are safely recruited, trained and supervised to meet the needs of the children in their care.

  • Providing a safe, healthy and friendly environment for the children to play, discover and and learn in.

  • Ensuring that our service is ran in accordance with the latest standards of care as set out by OFSTED.

  • Valuing partnerships with parents/ guardians/ carers and other outside agencies

Here at Butterfield Pre School our mission statement is:

To produce sociable beings by helping children to learn through play and putting fun first

Our Vision

Where learning is fun and we can build our friendships

Our Values

  • Bright, bubbly, busy and enriching here at Butterfield Pre School we welcome every child and parent.
  • Understanding the needs of the children we care for, and the families we work with.
  • Together we pride ourselves on creating an environment where we work in partnership with all families to ensure happy children = happy parents.
  • Thrive and grow – We provide new and exciting activities for children to thrive and grow for their future.
  • Ensuring safety is paramount within the setting we ensure every child is and feels safe and secure.
  • Respect for each other teaching the children that we are all equal.
  • Fun – We provide a fun safe environment for the children to learn in.
  • Individuals – We are here to ensure every child is unique and treated as an individual following their interests and progressing their learning and development.
  • Enabling environment with energy and enthusiasm to nurture every child’s daily experiences
  • Learning and laughter every day through play and friendships.
  • Dedicated experienced and extremely enthusiastic staff who are committed to providing the highest quality of care and learning for all the children in our care.

On our last Ofsted inspection we were rated as Good; below is a quote from the inspection report:

Staff are very enthusiastic. They provide a well-resourced environment for children to independently access toys and equipment. Staff use very well-timed questions and encourage children to think about the process of their learning. Children are confident and interact very positively with others. Staff follow children’s lead throughout play.

Click HERE to download our Ofsted Report

What Parents Say

My daughter Olivia, went to ‘Moo Cow School’ as she affectionately nicknamed Butterfield Pre School for a year, preparing her for Nursery. From her first day to her last day their she absolutely loved it and I cannot thank the wonderful hard working staff enough for the fantastic job they do to run this delightful pre school. The staff interact with the children, involving them and encouraging them in story telling, nursery rhymes, singing, playtime and creativity which I feel is how it should be. Olivia became more confident and more expressive week by week and when her time at ‘Moo Cow School’ came to an end her transition into Nursery was a delight to see as she has excelled because of what she had learnt at ‘Moo Cow’. I would highly recommend Butterfield Pre School to any parent looking to find an excellent Pre School for there child to happily and safely be looked after and thoroughly enjoy the time they spend there.


I can honestly say that you and the team made Ashton’s first experience away from family a lovely one, after only a couple of sessions Ash barely remembered to say bye to me. Ash has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Butterfield and has developed so much. I will heartily be recommending Butterfield to all my family and friends.

Thanks again for everything!


Partnership with Parents

Butterfield pre-school actively welcomes parental involvement in the setting. We recognise parents are the primary carers of their children and therefore welcome parent’s comments and opinions about their children. The pre-school intends to work with parents and carers supporting, encouraging and reinforcing best practice for all parties.

  • We will provide parents with feedback about their child’s progress giving examples of achievement and behaviour.
  • We have an open door policy to welcome parents/carers to spend time with their child’s key person or discuss anything with the manager.
  • Copies of the pre-schools policies and procedures will be available for parents/ carers to view.
  • All staff are aware of the importance of parental involvement.
  • The pre-school will listen to parent/carers comments and opinions about their child’s progress.
  • All parent and voluntary helpers are to undergo an enhanced DBS check.
  • All staff are to make parents aware that they are welcome to stay with their child for as long as necessary to settle them into the pre-school.
  • Parents are to be made to feel welcome at all times.
  • Parents are encouraged to give ideas on current topics and fundraising for the pre-school.
  • Parents are able to view any information held on their child.
  • The pre-school will ensure times, places and information about meetings, events; activities and experiences are available to all our parents and carers.