Early Years Foundation Stage

What is the EYFS?

The Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) is an important stage in a child development from birth up to 5 years old. This framework is devised to help your child gain firm foundations and to fully prepare for their future learning and success.

The EYFS sets out specific safeguarding and welfare requirements to help keep your child safe and promote their welfare and independence. It also sets out strict guidelines as to the suitability and high standards you should expect from the staff who look after your children giving specific qualifications and ratios to adhere to see more on our staffing page.

The EYFS also sets out the expected level of development your child should reach by their 5th birthday these expectations are called The Early Learning Goals. We promote this using the learning and development areas in lines with the framework. The seven areas of learning and development are listed below with a short description of how we implement these here at Butterfield Pre School.

Your child will be assigned a Key Person who will be there for all your child’s needs and help to provide specific activities for your child to be able to further their development. The Key person will track your child’s development using a learning journal and carry out regular assessments through play. To ensure your child is getting the best possible learning activities from their time at Butterfield Pre School

All our activities will be chosen so that we are able to deliver the Early Years Foundation stage and are delivered as the prime areas of learning, these are:

We also ensure we deliver the specific areas of learning, these are:

Below we detail these further:

Image of handwashing facilities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We provide the opportunity for children to learn how to relate to adults and other children. They learn to co-operate and share and have responsibility and consideration for other people, their cultures and beliefs, and for property. We foster independence, but ensure that the child also knows when to ask for help. Children from an early age are curious about people, places, animals, plants and everything about them. We teach them to care for one another as well as the environment.

Communication, Language and Literacy

We develop all aspects of language so that children can become good communicators and writers. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are all closely inter-related. We aim to make the setting interesting and exciting for the children to encourage them to talk about what they see and do. There are many opportunities for the children to listen to stories, audio tapes and to one another. We have a quiet area which is always available for looking at books or listening to stories. All our staff promote good verbal skills.

Image of children in a group reading session
Image of the Butterfield Pre-School reading area
Image of outdoor space at Butterfield Pre-School
Children playing outside at Butterfield Pre-School

Physical Development

Regular activity is needed to promote healthy growth of young children; through practice they develop muscular control, co-ordination and awareness of others and the space they move in. Children also have to think and use their judgement to solve problems when taking part in physical activities. It helps to build self-confidence and develop their imagination. They learn to use small and large equipment safely and with increasing control in a supervised environment.

Image of sandpit used for maths-based play
Image of shape sorting play


Mathematics in the nursery is based on practical activities and experiences that are part of our everyday routines. For example: tidying up – sorting toys, matching shapes; painting – covering an area; models – understanding shape; role-play – size the right clothes to fit a doll; number – bowls, spoons and chairs for the Three Bears; construction – building with shapes and fitting them together; baking – weighing ingredients on scales; singing – learning numbers using rhymes.


We develop all aspects of literacy so that children can become good readers and writers. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are all closely inter-related. We aim to make the setting interesting and exciting for the children to encourage them to write about what they see and do. There are many opportunities for the children to read and write around the setting we provide pencils and paper in every area.

Image of child practicing written skills
Image of the writing and literacy area at Butterfield Pre-School
Image of maps and lego play area
Image of computer area

Understanding of the World

Children have a natural interest in finding out how things work and creating their own models. They can explore sand and water, use construction toys such as Lego and Duplo. They enjoy cooking, tasting and smelling food. We talk about families, the environment, taking them on local walks to collect items of interest, so that they begin to gain an understanding of weather, seasons and nature. The children also have access to the use of computers and everyday technology to promote their skills.

Expressive arts and design

Art, craft, model-making, music and movement, drama. Children use creative activities as a way of recording what they have seen, done, imagined or felt. Every day a selection of these activities is available for the children to participate in. We also have more structured activities in which staff guide, encourage and help. We believe that the taking part and doing is more important than what is made. There is a music area with instruments and audio cassettes to listen to.

Image of maps and lego play area
Image of computer area

All our activities are adaptable to every child’s individual needs, we follow your child’s interests this way we can ensure that all children will learn to the best of their ability and have fun while they are doing this.

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